OUR programme developS and enhanceS student’s overall wellbeing, whilst teaching simple and easy-to-use lifelong skills. 

Wellness Warriors

Each 10-lesson online programme is interactive and fun, combining mindfulness, meditation and body movement exercises.  Your child will learn a range of techniques they can utilise to enhance their overall health and wellbeing throughout their lifetime, focusing on the three core areas: 

  • Attention
  • Balance
  • Connection

Our Wellness Warriors programme is best suited for 4-8 years olds and our 20-minute weekly webinars are available to watch at a time that suits you.

All teachers are all fully trained and certified in our Wellness Warriors programme, and have a separate qualification in either mindfulness and/or the health and wellbeing field.



● Improved attention and techniques to help your child focus

● Skills and coping mechanisms for dealing with changing environments and emotions 

● Enhanced understanding of emotions

● Enhanced self-esteem

● Calming techniques during stressful situations 

● Improved self awareness and empathy

Participating Preschools and Schools

 If your child does not attend preschool or a participating Preschool or school, you are still able and welcome to join our programme. Like everyone else, simply chick the ‘book Now’ button and follow the prompts

Chasing Joy preschool – Beachlands

Pikopiko Preschool – whitford

Active Explorers early learning – Papakura

best start – Marne Rd, Papakura

Best start – Onslow, Papakura

creative garden early learning – waiuku

The learning Ladder – Howick

little Antz preschool – Waiuku

Lambs Preschool – pukekohe

best start – shelly bay rd, beachlands

  The secrect garden preschool – howicK

Clevedon Primary School – Clevedon

A1 Kids Childcare – Tuakau

Early Discoveries – Papakura

Little Setlers – Bombay

Little Pioneers – Bombay

Brookby Pirmary School – Brookby

Kawakawa Bay Kindy – Kawakawa bay

best start – flat bush


Our programme includes mindfulness and mediation, focussing in three main areas:


Children will learn how to aim and sustain their attention; it’s all about choosing where their attention goes. This is critical in today’s world where children are overloaded with information coming at them from all areas – shop signs/programmes/ads/devices/toys. There are no ‘stop’ signals and this is causing anxiety, with children believing they must have X, Y and Z in order to be happy. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. Students will learn how to bring their own voice to make it all the noise stop; to focus their attention on who and what matters most to them in life.


Paying attention is no good, unless we are in a balanced state. Children don’t have the skills to get themselves out of stressful situations mentally like adults can. In fact, many adults are unable to do this effectively. This is critical for our mental health and wellbeing. With mental health illness increasing in NZ and an estimated 29% of youth having a mental disorder in a 12-month period and suicide being the leading cause of death for young people, teaching our children how to create balance in their lives and cope with stressful situations is critical. Paying attention is not good, unless we are in a balanced state.


Once children have focus and balance in their lives, it’s important that they feel connected to others. To have successful relationships, they must understand that what they do effects others, just like what others do effects them. This section teaches students compassion; that we’re all the same, that it’s good to offer help and to receive help. It teaches them empathy and improved self-awareness, which are critical emotional intelligence skills.